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Reduced Mist Output

Over time your ultrasonic disc will produce less mist 
this gradual change over time may not be noticeable until
 one day it can no longer atomize water and oils effectively.


Quick flash, then nothing...

Some units actually use the disc to determine when the reservoir is low on water, 
a faulty disc will confuse the controller and shut the unit off immediately.


Water just ripples..

Ultrasonic discs have a lifespan of about 5000 hours. 
This is a physically moving part in your diffuser. 
At then end of it's life, it needs to be changed, think of it as routine maintenance.


Nothing happens

Well, this could very likely be the disc, or a power supply. We suggest customers
try a different power supply from an identical unit if possible before purchasing a disc.

Quality is important to us, we only sell parts that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications and we stand behind what we sell with pride.



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