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The Diffuser Mover Power Extender 10 Foot Extension Cable

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Diffuser power cable extender 10 Foot Edition

Easily move your diffuser as far as 10 feet from where you have it plugged in. Sometimes it's difficult or inconvenient to move a diffuser just where you want it once it's plugged in behind a dresser or couch. The Diffuser Mover allows you to quickly and easily move your diffuser from it's current location as far as 10 feet. This extender works on all diffuser brands and types, such as Young Living, doTERRA, Now and many others.

How to use:

  • Unplug the cord from the back of the diffuser
  • Plug the diffuser cord into the female end of the power extender
  • Move the diffuser as far as 5 feet away
  • Plug the male end of the power extender into the diffuser
  • As always - enjoy your favorite oils
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